Thursday, February 1

OI? Oy...

At my internship this week, me and the other intern are covering for our boss, who's on vacation. I could basically do his job in my sleep, since all he does is set up appointments for his boss and answer the phone. The fact that he's my boss bothers me a little bit, just because... that's the easiest job ever. And he gets two assistants?

Anyway, since me and OI (other intern) are covering for him on alternate days, it can get kind of confusing to arrive at his desk and find a whole bunch of half-completed tasks. However, I dealt with it like a pro on Tuesday. OI, on the other hand, woke me up on Wednesday to ask me a shitload of questions.

"What's this CD on the desk that says '[whatever it said]'?"

"Uh... I have no idea. It was there when I came in yesterday. No one gave it to me."

"Why is there a problem with the computer?"

"I have no idea, there should be someone coming to fix it today."

"Well, what did you do to it?"

"Um, nothing?"

"What did [boss] say about the scheduling thing?"

"Oh, you didn't talk to him about that? Hmm. I didn't ask him."

She basically said a bunch of crap that made it sound as though I had left her with a crazy situation, when really she's just being inept.

So today when I arrive at the office, there's a PAGE LONG typed note for me. Fine. So I give her a call to ask what happened with the computer because it's not fixed and her note wrongly suggests that it is... She rushes off the phone for class, and then calls me a few hours later to check up.

"So have you talked to [boss] yet today?"

"No, he hasn't called."

"Yeah, he didn't call me at all yesterday. He doesn't pick up his phone and he's not listening to the messages I left him." It sounded like she was offended by this.

"Yeah, it's almost like he's on vacation or something!" I laughed, because... he is.

"Oh, well actually he is on vacation."

I had no idea how to respond to this. Obviously I was making a joke; I mean... He's on vacation. How could that have been confusing?

After an awkward silence on my part and a confused pause on hers, I just said "I know."

"Oh." She sounded annoyed. "It's hard to tell when you're being sarcastic."

... Great. Now I can't even make jokes.


Wanderlusting said...

So she's a skank AND has no sense of humour...come on, you'll shoot past her sooner or later and they are bound to see how scatterbrained she is. Hmmm, lemme guess, she's a wannabe actress?

GrewUpRural said...

I could never handle an intern like her. She would drive me absolutely crazy. You should have no problem succeeding past her.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

you should leave her little half-written notes and conveniently be too busy to answer your phone when she calls.

Dropout! said...

Well, you know, it is hard to tell when you're joking. I think it has to do with the whole "you're a huge bitch" thing.


Strange Bird said...

Ha! I'm not the first! I think I win a prize. Or something.

And, actually, being an assistant isn't that easy, because at some point they ask you to schedule thirty different meetings with thirty different people which are all supposed to take place at one of twelve different times and then they look at you like you have fourteen heads when you tell them that is impossible. Having an assistant to the assistant just means you have someone else to blame.

monicker said...

Wow, OI is really an idiot.

Don't play too many games with her or it could backfire, especially seeing as how she gets offended so easily

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

you need to up your wardrobe game and make sure the boss notices.

Ripsy said...

dropout is right. you are a bitch, but i still believe that you should stab her.

sipwine said...

hahaha.. I love dumbasses.

GrizzBabe said...

OI obviously needs to loosen up. You should meet her after work and pour a few martinis in her.

Miss Devylish said...

Ooh.. stabbing is good.. but if she's obviously the idiot she seems to be, that will become apparent eventually to your boss.. let's hope.

Songbird said...

Yah, you need to have a brain to get sarcasm.

Maybe using one syllable words would help.

The Accidental Bitch said...

wanderlusting - No, she's a wannabe cool person. So far it's not working out.

grewuprural - I wish you were my supervisor.

the ambiguous blob - What a great impression that would leave...

dropout - I forgot, I was going to title this post: "Hi, my name is 'The Accidental Bitch.' Everyone gets my jokes."

strange bird - I like that you think you win a prize for not being first. Nice try. Also, I know I'm smart and all, but being an assistant is really easy so far.

monicker - My thoughts exactly. Stupid people = dangerous.

the very - Oh god... what a good point. My boss is so amazingly hot. Would you like to donate to this fund and I'll take pictures of the sexy clothes? Cool thanks.

ripsy - Um, I'm actually not a bitch. My blog is named this out of IRONY. I wish you knew what that was.

sipwine - I feel betrayed. I hate dumbasses. I can't laugh at them. For some reason, they seem to rule the world. I cry myself to sleep thinking of this.

grizzbabe - You think I should waste my $ on getting her drunk? ... well, you're right; it might not be a waste.

miss devylish - I hope so too. Sigh.

songbird - I agree with you so much it hurts.

Strange Bird said...

Hm. Maybe I am assisting the wrong people. Or I need a few interns.