Saturday, December 22

All the airport is a stage

I love airports.

In almost any other location, we can look at people and make an educated guess about who they are. In the town near my school, people instantly know that I am a college student. In a business context, people are rightfully assume that I am entry level.

In an airport, though, all you really know is 1) This person is probably not poor, and 2) They are going somewhere.

When I fly, I'm almost always alone. This means that, for a period of several hours, I will be literally stuck in a place where nobody can figure out who I am except through what I wear.

Usually there are a considerable number of businesspeople who are running to their next meeting. Though I have less business travel to do than a newborn, I like to dress like an aspiring CEO. When in this role, I tend to do some "work" on the ancient palm pilot that I never use. I get might get a Venti of something at Starbucks, make sure I get lipstick all over it, and check my watch a lot.

One time I sat down near my gate, called a friend of mine, and I conducted the entire phone call in French.

Now that I've perfected the businessperson role, I need to start playing some other personas when I fly.



Sofia said...

what persona is that? Anyways, that made me lol, happy holidays!!

GrizzBabe said...

The Playboy Bunny is definitely the way to go!

Happy Holidays!

Chele said...

I always hate when these suits thinks they have so much more privliges than others because they have higher frequent flyer miles. Whish is totally paid by their company and here I am trying to get some privliges out of money I paid out of my own pocket...always makes me a but mad.

PrincessPolly said...

Thats a brilliant idea, pretending to be someone else when you fly! of course, i never fly alone (even on the rare occasion that I AM flying on business related purposes) so cant give it a go myself. It might be fun to pretend to be some type of high class hooker - although I suppose one risks getting arrested that way!!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Airports by FAR have the BEST people watching. I like to guess where to, who theyre traveling with and teh relationships...and also what kind of airplane snack they have.

One time I was on a plane with rollerderby chicks and they brought sausage and blueberries.

Boxer Girl said...

Hey it's all in the look! Half the job is looking the part (and it doesn't matter what the job is...)

The Ambiguous Blob said...

just don't go for the 'I'm smuggling something bad' persona. That one might get you noticed in a bad way.