Tuesday, February 12

How to get an internship at a television network

Before the internship interview I had today, I:

- Had to air-dry the white dress shirt I wore because the dryer broke down and I was out of quarters
- Forgot to air-dry the tank top that goes under it; wore only a bra underneath
- Waited too long to get ready because I was watching Dexter
- Didn't put on any eye make-up because I couldn't find it and was in a hurry because of Dexter (it was in plain sight in my medicine cabinet, of course)
- Left my cell phone behind so I couldn't check the time or call ahead in case I ran late
- Didn't take Adderall
- Didn't research the position AT ALL

The first thing I did in the interview was complain about standing in the cold waiting for transportation. How charming.

I also:
- Brought one resume for two interviewers and made a dumb joke about them fighting over the one copy
- Interrupted the interviewers more than once
- Changed a question they asked so I could answer in whatever way I wished. And yes, I notified them that I was changing the question.
- Admitted that I have almost no knowledge of/interest in the product made by the department
- When asked which television shows I like, listed only one that is produced by the network. Pointed this fact out and apologized for it, but failed to offer more shows.
- Used an analogy of being a puzzle piece as well as the puzzle solver (what the hell...)

Needless to say, they called me roughly four hours later to offer me the position.


caramaena said...


Sipwine said...



I mean.

Congrats! ;)

Anonymous said...

because you're hot, naturally.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! where have you been?? who is dexter?

Strange Bird said...

Wow, really? Why don't law firms hire that way?

Dropout! said...

LOL I can totally imagine you going "I guess you're gonna have to fight over it" while making actual fighting movements. You know, to help illustrate what fighting is. Please tell me the joke went with movements.

The Accidental Bitch said...

caramaena thanks!

sipwine - I guess they may have been impressed when I fibbed and said "I'm really excited about this". Weirdos.

anonymous - I forgot how closely attractiveness is tied to competence.

anonymous - Thanks, I've been incognito (or uninspired. whichever suits you best) Dexter is an amazing series on Showtime starring Michael C. Hall!

strange bird - I think it may be against the law...

dropout - At this point, it's all a blur. I may have blocked the memory but there could have been some actions. Definitely nervous laughter and above all, an awkward silence.

Wanderlusting said...

Lol - I should wear a see-through shirt to my film internship and see what happens. Knowing my luck, it wouldn't go as well as yours.

Anonymous said...

"I forgot how closely attractiveness is tied to competence."

I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but there is nothing more important in this world than being a hot chick. You don't have to do shit.

Wanderlusting said...

Ha ha, LOL to Anonymous above.

As a so-called "Hot Chick" myself, I'm sorry to inform you that life is not handed to you on a platter.

I've had to work just as hard as anyone for anything and what I receieve is based on pure talent and determination (and luck, sadly) and not being "hot."

In fact, I've had many things work AGAINST me because of my looks, something that has been brought to my attention more and more lately. In fact, it's my next blog post and I do think I'm going to use you as an example about what people assume is true and what the reality of the world is. Most people have no idea.

We don't have any pictures of TAB here, but assuming that she is hot, I'm sure she would agree with me too :)

The Ambiguous Blob said...

...and did you accept it?

Heather said...

That is awesome. Quite inspirational, actually...somehow.

Winter said...

Very cool!