Friday, January 19

The big birthday plans

My 21st birthday is tomorrow, Saturday. All of my previous life experience has informed me that this means I should be partying with tons of friends at a bar, a club, or both. I should probably puke and stumble around a lot, maybe have sex with a stranger, and definitely blog about it the next day.

There are a few problems with that rosy picture.

1. I'm still at my parents', and all of my friends from my hometown are back at school.
2. The friends who are in the area/could come are younger than me and therefore would not be able to join. And I think a 21st birthday girl alone at a bar is a pretty sad picture.
3. I had surgery and am afraid to walk around from bar to bar or dance at a club. Even falling down is probably off limits.

Knowing all of this far in advance, I came up with a plan B that's about 50% as cool: I asked my mom to treat me to a fancy dinner at this gourmet restaurant, where each food course has a wine course. Unfortunately, we are on the wait list.

When we were at dinner at my aunt's house the other night, my aunt said: "So, you're almost 21 TAB! How exciting! What are you going to do?"

"I'm not sure anymore," I responded. I explained the reservation problem, and then meekly said "I don't really care where we go, I just want to get a drink out somewhere to celebrate."

After my mom offered a few equally fancy (and probably boring) restaurant alternatives, I revealed that I would prefer to drink cocktails rather than wine. My aunt exclaimed "Let's take her out to all the Seattle bars and force her to down as many drinks as we can think of!"

This turned into a conversation about "way back then," when they used to drink all kinds of booze late into the night. They started reviewing different drinks, none of which I've heard of. I listened in delighted shock. "We're going to get you wasted!" My aunt cried, giggling.

I grinned. "This is why you're my favorite aunt."


Sean said...

hey, did you see that she's got a new book coming out later this year? i totally don't want to wait..

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

If you're really going drinking in Seattle to actually *drink good drinks* as opposed to just getting wasted on vodka-pops, you have to go to Zig Zag and Vessel, the hands-down 2 best bars in the city (and some of the best in the country, outside of maybe 1 or 2 in NYC, when judged by quality of bartenders/drinks/liquor). Zig Zag is a better classic bar, Vessel is newer and swankier. Sit at the bar in either place and just ask the bartenders to make you something they'll think you like.

Other good suggestions are 10 Mercer, Shea's Lounge, Can Can, or maybe more geared towards your age, Chapel. The bar at Palace Kitchen is fun fun fun, though crowded on a Saturday night. Suite 410 is OK (has been going downhill). Mona's (near Green Lake), Licorous (Capitol Hill), and Sambar (Ballard) are all good if you get out of the downtown area.

I'll be *very disappointed* if you just hit Tini Bigg's or some of the Belltown holes ;) And equally so if your mom and aunt drag you to some stuffy hotel bar and you (or they) end up making out with the bartender.

strange bird said...

On my 21st birthday, I went with some friends to dinner at a brewery, had two beers and then had my boyfriend complain that he wouldn't kiss me because I smelled like alcohol (asshole). If your aunt gets you wasted, you'll have a better 21st than I did. ;) Happy birthday!

Kate said...

A very happy 21st birthday to you. Wishing you loads of luck and success in life. Well, I did get terribly drunk on my 21st birthday but thank goodness, my parents were not home to find out. I still remember the awful hangover next day. Funny but memorable moments they still are.
Drop into my blog for some unique birthday gift and party ideas.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday greetings from the Netherlands , Holland.

crystall said...

I had an awesome 21st birthday. I went to Austin to 6th street. Dangerous..

Anyhow, I wish my family drank so I could have had drinks with them instead. But they are all dry. Seriously, I don't know anyone in my family that drinks besides my 22 year old brother. And last time I talked to him? He told me he quit.

Airam said...

All my cool aunts live in Italy. My 21st was 8 and a half years ago and I can't remember what I did for it ... which probably means that it was a good time filled with lots of booze.

Airam said...

7 and a half years ago ... don't want to be older than I am.

DYLAN said...

I did the traditional 'hit the bar at midnight' the night before the actual birthday, but where I was the bars closed at 1, so that meant 45 minutes of shots, followed by bed, followed by waking up throwing up.

I figured cliche=good as far as 21 goes.

Rune said...

Happy Birthday!

Songbird said...

That is one cool aunt, and the best type person to get wasted with (someone you can trust and who will definitely look out for you when you ARE wasted).

Happy birthday and congrats on turning 21 AND getting the surgery over with!!!!


Wanderlusting said...

Happy Bday! Enjoy being young and being 21. I don't remember my 21st bday which means it must have been good...don't remember my 25th either for that matter. And please don't have sex with a stranger because you could walk away with a very unwanted birthday present ;) I kid, I kid.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Wow, TAB, I've never seen birthday spam commenting before.

Clearly this is a very important occasion.

But we already know this.

Happy birthday; pleeeeeenty of time for boozing.


Ripsy said...

Hope you're birthday was awesome. But if it wasn't you can go out and buy some vodka and drink until you forget.

Jazz said...

Awww, that's so cute! She came to your rescue! lol.

At least you get to drink on your 21st B-Day. I was pregnant on mine. lol.

Details, I want details.

Jazz said...

Oh and any flavored Margaretta's are my favorites! Espcially mango or melon. Yummy. But original is good too, that's acutally what I'm sitting here drinking right now.

caramaena said...

Happy belated birthday TAB! Hope it was a fun one!

sipwine said...

Oh my gosh! Seattle is so much fun to drink in!!
I hope you had fun! I can't wait to hear about your experience!

(Sorry for all the exclaimation marks)

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

happy b-day shots from NYC....

the very.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

hangovers are awful.
drunken good times make it worth the sickness.
happy birthday!!!

Miss Devylish said...

Hope the 21st was a good one and your family spoiled you and took you to a nice place here in Seattle. Found you via Good At Drinking, etc.. and girl.. for 20/21, damn, you can write. Not sure how much longer you're here, but if you need suggestions on where to go, drop a line. Always happy to direct. Happy birthday!

Eileen Dover said...


Did you get drunky drunk?

The Accidental Bitch said...

sean - No! I'm excited, I hope it's as good as the first.

anon - Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely try some of those out when I come back to town!

strange bird - Whoa, that's awful. My heart goes out to you.

kate - Thanks!

anon - I'll take some weed, thanks.

crystall - Aw that's too bad! My family is hilarious when they're trashed.

airam - I'm glad you choose to imagine it was a good time rather than a bad one! I'll have to do that more often.

dylan - It's no good to be hungover on your birthday... I'd rather be hungover on the day after!

rune - Thanks dahling!

songbird - Ah yes, if only she had followed through. The thought does count for something though.

wanderlusting - I will enjoy the entire year, and all those to come. Especially the childless ones :)

wombat - Oh yes, a momentous occasion indeed. It's good to know that even the spammers love me.

ripsy - Your comment is my favorite :) I will definitely be doing that.

jazz - lol I think I would plan my kid around my birthday. I'll have tons of fun in your honor, very soon.

caramaena - Thanks!! :)

sipwine - Next time maybe I'll get to take advantage of it. Thanks for the excitement though!

the very - Thanks! I'll take some for you.

the ambiguous blob - Totally worth it, especially if you take painkillers and water before going to bed.

miss devylish - Thanks for the awesome compliment! I'm back in NY but when I come home, I'll need some help I'm sure.

eileen - Just a little... is that cute? :)