Monday, January 22

Bday details, open call for older friends

How was my 21st birthday? Not too drunken, unfortunately.

My parents took me, along with my aunts and uncles, to a fantastic restaurant for dinner. The type of restaurant where all I could think about was how rich everyone in the room must be, because everything was so expensive and so classy. Due to the finery of the establishment, there were also very few men my age to gaze at. However, I was pleasantly drunk during the entire meal thanks to the strength of my cocktail (a cosmolini).

In the beginning of the day I had received a phone call from my older cousin who wanted to come party with me in Seattle, and when dinner was over I gave her a call. My mom was against me going out because I had an early flight the next morning, but I convinced her with my "responsible face" (and a small lie to ease her mind). I had my outfit planned and had made sure I could stay awake by drinking some strong coffee with dessert. Just as I was about to get ready my cousin called me, crying. "Whoa, what's going on?" I asked. She explained, pausing periodically to sob, that her friend couldn't drive anymore and she only had a two-seater (her boyfriend was going to drive). I heroically reassured her that it was all right and got off the phone.

So, not a boozy birthday. But now that I'm back at school, plans are being formulated (perhaps featuring Manhattan..). Unfortunately most of my friends are younger than me, so I sense some changes coming: my friends with fake IDs will be promoted to "closest friend" status, while those without will be demoted. Perhaps even laid off. Seriously, I only have so many positions available. I'm currently shopping for a replacement for S. Any takers? Send resumes to (Just kidding, S. No one is as entertaining as you)

And... tomorrow I will tell you all about my plane ride back, which was 3 million percent better than my birthday. Hint: there is a cute guy involved.


Wanderlusting said...

I went to Disneyland a few years ago when I was 23 and my gf was only 19 or 20. It was frustrating that I could get booze in the States and she couldn't. Still, it didn't prevent me from smuggling her margaritas outta California Adventure.

Glad you had a nice bday...the problem with bdays, especially ones like 16, 19 (drinking age in Vancouver) and 21 is that you feel like you have to make a big deal out of it and you are often disapointed. Here's to a great 22nd bday!

Dropout! said...

"Just kidding, S. No one is as entertaining as you"

Damn straight, woman.

And by woman, I mean cumslut.

caramaena said...

Come visit Australia - legal drinking age is 18. Not that many 17 year olds pay attention to that anyway ;)

Strange Bird said...

Yay cute guy! Who hopefully isn't The Ex!

Ripsy said...

It's bad form to give hand jobs on a plane. Only sex in the restroom is acceptable.

Chopsticks said...

Your 21st still sounds much more entertaining than my 21st was. I went out for drinks with my parents because XFL (who wasn't my ex at the time) refused to take me out. Things were...tense. The way I see it - there's always the 22nd!

Yay for cute guys on planes!

Oh, and I know it's late... but Happy Birthday!

Jazz said...

It's very easy to drink even when not 21, espcially in NY. You shouldn't have any problems going out with your friends. I want details on this flight though!

Jazz said...

Oh and Cosmo's used to be my favorite drink. Now it's one of many. lol. Yeah they mess me up! Fun times.

emma5 said...

Cosmolini? What's in it?

S* said...

As a NY'er, I know it's definitely easy to drink underage, especially if you're a bunch of cute chicks. Just stay away from the big clubs on the West Side...they've cracked down big time since that underaged girl was killed.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

im in manhattan. just hit the bars, no velvet rope places.

oh yea, and do some body shots.

the very.

Jon said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Any time you and your friends want to visit Baltimore MD, I'll make sure you all have a drunken good time.

(And I don't mean that in the creepy, older-guy-on-the-Internet kind of way. Promise.)

Sean said...

i had way too many last night for the first time in i don't know how long. way too many. and thursday i'll be on the east coast for 12 days. i'm hoping to have a repeat or two with old friends.

Charm School Reject said...

For my 21st I went to the Sox Game with my dad, M, Little Dude and Retard Loser.

I'm not exactly a bar hopper (I've only ever been to one) but in Chicago I hear that if you mention its your 21st celebration, they examine IDs alot more closely.

Otherwise, here's to an awesome 22.

The Accidental Bitch said...

wanderlusting - Oh I know I can smuggle booze for people. It just feels stupid. And I'll make every day this year my birthday :)

dropout! - Aren't the two synonymous?

caramaena - Great, I wouldn't have any money to buy booze once I got there ;)

strange bird - lol, no. Not The Ex.

ripsy - *sigh* I wish I could have.

chopsticks - No wonder he's an ex, eh? Like I told wanderlusting, I'm making every day my birthday. Especially every day in January :)

jazz & s* - I know it's easy to get served (I did it all the time before I was legal) but if they do happen to card, then the young'uns are embarrassed and feel bad and we have to deal with all that... I just wish we didn't have to plan any of that out y'know?

emma5 - A cosmolini is a mix between a Cosmo and a Bellini. Mine had vodka, white cranberry juice, peach nectar, and champagne. So good.

the very - Oh I'll definitely be going out. And body shots... depends how classy I decide to be.

jon - Thanks for the offer! I like it when guys clarify that they aren't being creepy, so you win points there. You're married so I figured we could just bring Angie along and I'd be safe.

sean - The fun of that, I think, is when you do it only every once in a while. It's easy to forgive yourself for the hangover when you don't do it every week. Have fun with your buddies!

Marcheline said...

Oh, and here I was, thinking nothing could ever ruin my love of Cosmopolitans.... but you just did! Calling a drink a "cosmolini"... oh, why, why, WHY for the love of all that's hairy????

I work in a restaurant where every gatdam drink has "ini" at the end. Expressotini, chocotini, ini, ini, INI!!!! Enough with every drink having an "ini" at the end!!! Enough I say!!!

Leave me in peace with my Cosmo... unsullied by the insipid, creeping "ini".

- M