Wednesday, January 10

This post is about me

After my surgery, I saw it as my goal to sit on my butt for days on end. Luckily, this was also doctor-recommended, so I could easily justify such a decision. The one unfortunate piece is that sitting on my ass actually hurts after a while. The few times I looked in the mirror, I could see the deep lines imprinted in my skin as a result of simply not moving for hours. And my heels ended up hurting because I was sitting with my feet up for hours on end. My heels! Who would have thought? Ah, I learn new things every day.

Today I haven't taken any percocet at all, and it's a nice change of pace to feel alert for the first time in days. I hung on for a few hours this morning to my 'I'm recovering' card, until I got a call from The Ex asking if I can hang out when he's back in town this weekend. That's when I remembered the perks of being recovered. (Of course, I was also aware of them when I wasn't able to walk or shower with ease, but this was another reminder.) So I stopped asking for favors and walked around a little more. Now I feel like my goal is to prove to my parents that I'm healthy enough to leave for two days. Unfortunately, I can't do that and insist that they bring me juice. Too bad.

When I started taking less painkillers, I started reading more. There was a stack of books on the table next to my recovery chair (aka my ass buddy) that I intend to read before I go back to school. I finished reading Catch-22 finally, and with a twinge of guilt I selected a 'fun' book, called Stupid and Contagious. I read it in two days. Though I was taking less painkillers than before, I was still taking enough to alter my state of mind.. that's my excuse at least. Because I really liked the book, the style of writing and all that... and now I kind of want to be one of the characters.

Shut up, I know.

The thing is, we already have so much in common that it's almost like she is me. (Though I am better, of course) For example: I would definitely buy three donuts at once, no question about it. Or was it four... well, I would eat four too (my max is 8, I think). I have also looked up diseases and thought that I had them, only to find out that I was wrong (apparently I'm not bipolar? whatever..). Most importantly, I am a horrible waitress. Just awful. I could be a fabulous waitress if I only had two tables; give me three and I will freak out.

However, she also got the guy in the end, and she got a dog. So far, it's not a perfect match. *sigh* Unfortunately, I am not the main character of Stupid and Contagious. Consolation prize: I am the main character in my blog!


Wanderlusting said...

Not just in your blog but in your life too...woot, what ever will you do next?

Anonymous said...

It is always good to catch up on reading. I have a love/hate relationship with the euphoria that tends to happen when reading a book like you mentioned. Love it because it feels so good to submerge yourself; hate it because reality always sets in soon after.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I can stay up all night reading trashy romance novels (or blogs, for that matter), but give me something I'll actually learn from and I fall asleep within 2 chapters.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Fewer painkillers.


Quixote said...

Oh thank you for letting me know the end of the book, which I had recently started reading.... anyways, feel better

NotCarrie said...

You know what would make your heels feel better? A hot date.

haha, ok...that was cheesy, I know. But really, check out our auction and tell all your single friends! It's for charity and it's SO MUCH FUN!

Sean said...

interesting. i just bought that book last week with a couple others.

Life of the Party said...

"(apparently I'm not bipolar? whatever..)"

That's ridiculous. You so are bipolar. Who said otherwise?

a giRL liKe mE said...

Just discovered the new link. Will be adding it to my list! Thanks :)

Eileen Dover said...

Good. Cause I (heart) your blog.

And want you to write more.

monicker said...

Catch-22 is one of my favorite books; I've read it about 10 times.

That is very strange about the heels.

The Accidental Bitch said...

wanderlusting - Not there too?! I need time to recover from my excitement!

crystall - Good way to put it. I'm getting tired of fiction already.

the ambiguous blob - Funny how that works, isn't it? I'm trying to train myself to think of nonfiction books as page-turners. It's going well, since I haven't tested it so far.

Wombat - The painkillers make me seem more sane because I talk less when I'm on them. But... yes.

quixote - If you've been reading it, you know it's worth it anyway. It's fun to read because of the style, not the plot.

not carrie - There's only one guy in New York! :(

sean - It's a good one. Or.. at least I wasn't disappointed.

life of the party - Shut up, Aspergers.

a girl like me - Thanks! :)

eileen dover - aww... I love compliments. :)

monicker - Catch-22 was a great book. And yeah, who would've known (heels)?

Sean said...

i just finished it. i can't remember the last time i laughed that hard or often while reading a book. i got pissed whenever i had to put it down for some interuption. good stuff.