Thursday, January 11

Because yellow means warm and happy

After a lovely snowstorm hit the Seattle area, I was watching the weather report on the 11 o'clock news. The forecast map showed up with the state of Washington, and all over were these bright little suns. My heart leaped.

Then I saw the temperatures next to the suns: 30 degrees.

I felt cheated. I know the suns only mean that it won't be cloudy, but to me it also means that it will be warm. When you see orange and yellow in such liberal amounts, don't you think of warmth before you think of seeing your breath when you exhale? Well I do.

I think the only way to solve this injustice and simultaneously indicate that it will be sunny is to make the suns blue. I'm just saying. I was pretty disappointed, weather-guy.


Wanderlusting said...

You've got a point. We've got the same weather up here in Vancouver, BC(not down there in Vancouver, WA), though I'm thankful for some break in the gloom and doom.

Although freezing tempatures mean icy roads on which I can embarass myself by falling on my bottom. Blue sun indeed.

Life of the Party said...

I'm sorry I failed you, Bitch.

In Grey's tonight, they-oh wait, it hasn't aired in PoopLand yet! Hahahaha! Although by the time you see this you probably will have seen it, so disregard my previous statement.

We're having really nice weather. Nice and warm. It makes me want to fall asleep when I'm driving.

Anonymous said...

It's just Mother Nature's idea of a cruel joke. Bright and shiny sun, but freezing out!!!

JG said...

30 degress is nice out!

In South Dakota, (don't laugh) it is -3 with wind chill down to -25.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

does the sun ever shine in Seattle anyway?

the very

Eileen Dover said...


I always felt like the colours they use on weather maps were really unfair, anyway.

Shouldn't areas with sun be highlighted by yellow?

And snow could be really really dark gray.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

30 is warm depending on where you are. I woke up today to 17 degrees, blue and clear skies with sun. 30 would be awesome!

The Ambiguous Blob said...

It was 42 degrees last night when I got home. This is southern California, so people are freaking out a little. We're scared to even go outside.
If it dropped to 30, every place here would shut down, fearing an apocolyptic event.

Wombat & Aspen said...

81 right about now.

That's the temperature and the average age.

I hate Florida.


Ripsy said...

i wish we had snow here in indiana.

Anonymous said...

Im sure your parents would love to know that you "cant resist penis".

The Accidental Bitch said...

wanderlusting - At least it's just embarrassing to fall down; think of all the people driving! I'm glad I'm not out on the roads.

life of the party - Are you the weather man? You've failed me in many ways, but I wasn't thinking of that one.

rabbit - Yeah exactly! The blue suns on the forecast would clue us in.

jg and bluelovergirl - It may be colder there, but I'm sure you can agree that when it's 'cold' outside (for you or for me), those bright yellow sun icons piss you off. If you disagree... you're wrong.

reverend ace - I usually defend Seattle against comments like this, but I will admit that I got very excited when I saw those clear skies. (and yes, it's really beautiful in the summer for about a month and a half)

eileen dover - I guess those weather people are just being optimistic. To some, snow is beautiful and exciting, thus should be white. I don't like those people though.

the ambiguous blob - That comes as no surprise to me, since I've always known that Californians scare easily.

wombat - I'll have to come visit, then. Though I doubt that would be enough to lower the average age.

ripsy - Except our snow has special chemicals in it that piss me off. I think I belong in California.

anon - Well they love the truth, so I think you're right.

Virginia Belle said...

hey, i've been really behind on reading you and i'm sorry! i like your new blog, though. it looks great.

i wish i could figure out how to get header graphics...

anyway, just wanted to say i'm sorry to hear about the breakup. don't settle, girl. we all deserve to be with someone who is crazy about us. he's out there. if you want to vent to someone sympathetic, i'm just an email away. i thought i'd never get over Repo, but now i'm ok. :)