Thursday, March 1

Hunters and gatherers

In my sex psychology class, we were talking about evolutionary psychology and theories of male and female mate selection.

"Evolutionarily, males are more hunting oriented, while women are more gathering oriented."

Yeah, I get it. In hunter-gatherer society predating Western civilization, men were the hunters. Woman gathered.

But let's take that theory to the bar. When at a bar, I suppose the theory is that a woman sits around waiting for the man to drop by and "hunt" her (hit on, offer a drink, or otherwise harrass). But I wouldn't say that I really gather the men. I might take a survey of the selection, yes. But isn't that in itself hunting? I mean, you're narrowing down your prey. And don't men do the same? Or do they spot the weakest one and pounce?

Guys, what do you do at the bars? How does it compare to hunting?

Ladies... would you say you "gather"?


kittenpower said...

I suppose, when at a bar, I park it. I'm not super agressive. I don't know that I "gather." I probably have a little of both in me.

So I'd say that a man with "manly," more agressive tendencies, would be a hunter. However a man with "womanly," less agressive tendencies, would be a gatherer.

Then a woman with "womanly," less agressive tendencies, would be a gatherer. And a woman with "manly," more agressive tendencies, would be a hunter.

I think there just happen to be more manly men and womanly women, than there are womanly men and manly women.

There's a match for everyone!

monicker said...

Hmmm...I tend to attract the sleazeballs and other social rejects at bars. Old men, too. Does this make me a gatherer?

Hoosier Joe said...

Personally, I have a hard time "hunting" ever since I saw Bambi's mother get shot ... probably why I don't pick up girls at bars.

Dropout! said...

Sex? Psychology? Theories? These words, I have not heard. (That's kind of a slant rhyme, right? I'm so cool.)

And Bambi was such an overrated movie. Just saying.

Wanderlusting said...

When I'm at a bar, I'm definitely not "gathering."

More like "fending off the rabid hunters."

I suppose that would be the opposite of gathering.

canadian sadie said...

A true hunter sits and waits for the prey to come up to I'd have to say that I'm definitely a hunter. But I'm more of a fisherman, because I tend to throw most of them back. It's more of a 'catch and release' program for me.

And what prompted me to comment in the first makes me inordinately happy every time I read about your Sex-Psychology course. I get a big goofy grin and giggle a little bit. *ENVY*

Anonymous said...

Think of "gathering" as preparing resources. We "gather" by shopping, doing our hair, making are nails look good, so that we can be hunted....

The Accidental Bitch said...

kittenpower - I just hate the whole polar opposite "manly" vs "womanly" qualities. Hate it.

monicker - It makes you an unskilled gatherer. I think. (and I sympathize)

hoosier joe - Don't blame Bambi. (question... do you think about Bambi's mother whenever you think about going to a bar? Because that would be funny)

dropout - I think you need to work on your rhythm though, because the slant rhyme sounds kind of off without a strong beat to back it up. We'll get gay-sean to beat box.

wanderlusting - So is that like gathering the nuts and then throwing out the bad ones? Gah this analogy is ridiculous.

canadian sadie - I guess you have to define hunter to do the analogy. And then "true" hunter, apparently. I'm glad you let the bad ones go, though. And also that you like hearing about sex psych! Thanks for commenting :)

bluelovergirl - I think the beauty part is a totally separate issue, since cosmetics and fashion weren't prevalent until around the 20th century (different emerging decades for each thing, mostly resulting from industrialization). But I see what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

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