Saturday, March 3

The end of creepy guy

Being harrassed is not fun, and the creepy guy was really starting to piss me off. After almost a week of ignoring him, he was still bothering me. I confided in the Heterophobe: "I want to send him a text or something just telling him to fuck off, but I don't want to contact him ever again."

He responded that "He'll probably just think you're flirting with him." I laughed. "No, seriously. He'll think it's some kind of game."

So I ignored creepy guy, hoping that the third unreturned call would be enough to give this guy some clarity. But wishful thinking rarely works, and this was no exception. Last night, while drinking with my roommates, I heard my phone chime with a text. I was hoping it was The Ex, but instead it was the creepy guy.

"Hey... give me a call... i found a roommie, but i wanted to talk to you about the film."

I had a small outburst of frustration that attracted the interest of my friends. "What's wrong?"

"Creepy guy just texted me! Why won't he go the fuck away?!"

I then got my friend, Nice Guy, to text him for me. After a minute or two of deliberation over word choice, we came up with "Please stop trying to contact me."

Creepy guy wrote back: "Ouch. So i was a creep. But i'm not. Promise. At least let me explain how i could be such a jerk..."

My friends all drunkenly booed him, and Nice Guy wrote back "No."

Creepy guy then wrote me such a long text that it took two messages. "Lol. I deserve that, but don't blow off the job just cause i have absolutely no class. I felt comfortable w/you. Look. I'll have my website up in the next few days and you can decide then whether you'll let me make it up to you... c'mon. The website is [url]"

Hopefully he'll stop contacting me now. 'Cause this thing is getting way old.


caramaena said...

Is the website up yet? The way he was talking about it makes me think the creepiness hasn't ended yet.

Sorry you have to go through this - this guy is a whacko.

Airam said...

This reminds me of
somthing similar that happened to me (only yours is about a film and mine was about photos). After that incident he still called/texted/msn'ed me but he got the hint quickly.

Keep ignoring him and he'll go away.

Airam said...

Obviously i mispelled something.

Airam said...
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Miss Devylish said...

Delete his number, don't text.. and if necessary.. call your cell provider and let them know you're being harassed.. say you've filed a police report.. and see if they'll change your number (if you want to) for no charge.. I've gotten them to do that for me one time. It was worth it for the calls to stop and he'll know he can't find you again. He's a stalker girl.. plain and simple.. and he's probably got a history of doing this and I wonder how many other women he's done this to.. and if he's hurt any of them. He's not just creepy.. he very well could be dangerous. Please please be careful.

Bridget Jones said...

What miss devylish said. You can never tell when the creeps are going to get worse. I spent hours locked up in a closet by a nut case who invited me over to his place for dinner years ago when I was newly single. Was lucky to get out of it (then he started stalking me).

Take care, TAB!!

Single guy blogging said...

My offer still stands if he keeps contacting you after that. Let me know... :)

S* said...

If you've read my blog, I've dealt with this kind of thing before many times. There is no such thing as being nice. I've learned that "Please don't contact me again" doesn't work. But "Do not contact me ever again" does usually work. If a man sees a teeny tiny sliver of light he'll go for it. In no uncertain terms, tell him no, then do not ever contact him ever ever again. It works. And if that fails, get a gruff hard ass macho Italian guy to give him a call. My creepy stalker never called me again.

Buffy said...

Ignore him.


Grant Miller said...

Creepy guys need love too.

kittenpower said...

Yes, men like that will hang onto strings. Brutal is the way to go. But I would hold onto the number so you can keep screening...

Good luck and be careful. Sometimes, someone who seems harmless, can be a boundary crosser, which can turn UGLY.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

If he keeps bugging you, set up a date. Send a guy in your stead who either, scares the shit out of him , or beats the shit out of him.

end of stalking.

QueenBitch said...

WOW what is this guys deal? He admits to being creepy yet wont give up? Talk about not taking a hint!!!

Sipwine said...

I had a guy text message and call me 15 times in the matter of 20 minutes.
After that he called my brother because he was worried I was hurt with because I was dating "that man" aka Matt my boyfriend.

He was creepy.


Guess who has a stalker??? Gosh, I wonder why he's still single. He seems like such a catch.

The Accidental Bitch said...

caramaena - I don't even want to look. Thanks for your sympathy!

airam - Ugh I had a photos incident too. I believe the words "partially clothed or naked" were involved.

miss devylish - I'm pretty sure he got the idea, but if he comes back I'll definitely do something about it.

bridget jones - When you say locked up... did THEY lock you up? I sure hope not!

single guy blogging - Aw how sweet, again!

s* - Can you tell that I'm a total wimp? I just am. If he does anything else though, I won't be so kind.

buffy - That's my plan.

grant miller - I invite you to be the one to offer it to them!

kittenpower - I need to make firmer boundaries, I think. But I have a feeling with this guy he would've crossed them anyway.

the very - lol, one of my friends said I should call him and say "Meet me at Times Square" and send him on a wild goose chase, and when he gets pissed off just be like "Oh yeah, I HATE YOU."

queenbitch - I know, it's weird that he knows he's creepy but it doesn't matter to him.

sipwine - Um... you win. Kind of.

catherinette singleton - lol I know. I bet he thinks he is, too.