Friday, March 2

Creepy guy is... well, creepy

Update on the creepy guy (backstory here and here):

Since Sunday night, he has called me and left messages three times. The first two times were later at night, around 11:30, and in his messages he said "Oh, I guess it's kind of late." He then refers to this filmmaking thing we discussed before I could tell he was creepy, as if that's why he's calling, and orders me to call him back.

The fact that I'm not answering his calls or returning them is apparently unimportant. I got a call today from a restricted number, and immediately thought it was him so I didn't answer. Sure enough, his message was "Hey TAB, I want to talk to you about the film thing, so give me a call back."

So, he purposely blocked his number in the hopes that I would accidentally answer a call from him?

So. Creepy.


Wanderlusting said...

No. Shit.

I hope the only thing he knows about you is your number.

And I really hope that by knowing your number, he can't find out where you live.


But good on your instincts to not answer the unlisted number!

Wanderlusting said...

I also hope that he doesn't know your full name. And if does, he can't find out where you live.

I would google your name and also google your number...see what comes up, cuz I bet my sore buns that he's at home doing the same thing.

Single guy blogging said...

Let me know if you want me to call him and use my very stern deep italian voice to tell him to either stop calling or get his knees broken. :)

Sean said...

might be worth it to take a call just to say "i was hoping you'd take a hint when i didn't return your call, but you didn't. i'd prefer never speaking to you again. please stop calling."

Airam said...

That guys' got issues.

Hoosier Joe said...

So hopefully it's not creepy to be reading a blog at 12:30 (drunk, whatever) but calling you that much is just beyond any possible realm of acceptable even for a socially retarded guy who may not understand the difference between cute and creepy. Seriously, you should be careful if he keeps this up.

Anonymous said...

How do some people get so creepy? Don't they know social customs? This reminds me of an ex bf, whom after the break up pretended that it never happened.


Dropout! said...

Yeesh, now I feel bad for sending you into his arms (although, c'mon, we both wanted to be there). Now at least we've learned our lesson-don't bother with guys who only want straight girls as their roomies.

And call him really late at night or early, sometime when you can bet he's asleep, and leave a message telling him to back the fuck away, that you're not interested.

Dropout! said...

Oh and I just checked, I didn't give him your last name.

The Accidental Bitch said...

wanderlusting - Luckily, my name is so generic that a google search would reveal nothing. And at present, my dad pays for my cell phone, so he would be redirected to North Carolina and an angry father.

single guy blogging - lol! That is so sweet :)

sean - Done! ... I just didn't want to talk to him at all, y'know? I'm such a wimp.

airam - Seriously. And I will, too, if he doesn't go away.

hoosier joe - It is ALWAYS a good time to read my blog! And yeah... it would make sense for him to get it by now.

anon - I know... so creepy. And your story reminds me of Will & Grace!

dropout - It's okay, I'll survive and next time I'll bring someone with me. :)

monicker said...

Creepy and clueless. Sigh. Give it about four months, I'm sure he'll forget about you eventually...maybe.