Friday, March 9

There is no going back

I recently bought a tube of mascara. This is significant because I hadn't worn mascara in a long time - about 3 years or so. So I bought the mascara and started wearing it to my internship, because I felt like the proper thing to do was to show up in professional attire. And that included mascara. It's what the pretty girls wear, and I'll be damned before I give anyone a reason to think I'm not pretty!

So I started wearing it to work, but then when I came back from the city I would go to my campus job wearing it.

And now I feel like I have to keep wearing it, so people won't figure out that my eyelashes aren't naturally dark and sexy. Makeup is evil.


WiscoBlonde said...

Diorshow Unlimited mascara by Dior is my favorite when you get ready to buy your next tube. I've had people ask me if my lashes are fake when I wear it. It's amazing.

Sean said...

and a gateway drug to bigger crimes.... heh.

ii said...

Sean, you're on to something... mascara is innocent enough by itself, but it leads to lipstick and eyeshadow... before you know it you're spending tons of money on lipliners and blush! :)

Greg said...

Yeah, I actually know what you mean. If you start using mascara, there's almost no going back. This is especially true for the lead singers of emo bands.

monicker said...

Aw, mascara's completely harmless. I think you're safe.

Take pride in looking "natural." And watch out for those eye shadows!

Miss Devylish said...

I'm so going to look into the Dior one suggested by your first commenter.. I wish I could go 3 years w/out wearing mascara but tho my eyes are big and oval, I swear they disappear w/out wearing it. It makes a world of difference on my face, but I understand what you mean. My only issue right now is that my eyebrows are thinning and I have to color them in w/ a brush so be grateful mascara is all you 'have' to do right now.

The Boob Lady said...

I totally understand, I "started" wearing makeup not long ago, after years of swearing against it.

Now, I feel like a total wash out without it on.

If I stopped now, I'd feel wonky!

The College Chronicler said...

I found your blog a while ago and fell in love with it, it's hilarious!

Dropout! said...

I hope you realize what you're turning into, with the mascara and the push-up bras and the "dropping pens" in front of any moderately attractive man that walks by. You're shameless, really.

Airam said...

I love mascara ... if I don't wear any other makeup ... I have to at least have on mascara.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I recently went from wearing a facefull of perfectly applied make-up on the daily to just skin toners and mascara. It's a downgrade for me. It was tough to do, but I made a gradual shift and I'm not sure anyone really noticed. You can do it- stop wearing mascara if you really want to.

Sipwine said...

hahaha, i cracked up when I read this.
I've noticed the same thing on the days i wear makeup verses the days I don't.

Grant Miller said...

I'm totally the same way. But instead of mascara its crystal meth.

The Accidental Bitch said...

wiscoblonde - Okay but why do we want eyelashes that look fake?

sean - LOL that was great

ii - Except that I started with lipstick and eyeshadow, and now that I've moved to mascara it makes all the other makeup seem even more essential.

greg - Hah, I never even thought about that. Can't singers have an on and off-stage persona?

monicker - I'm just saying, it's harder and harder to take pride in the natural look.

miss devylish - Isn't it sad that we have to do these things to look "normal"?

the boob lady - Yes, and wonky isn't a good think unless we're on our way to Wonkatania!

the college chronicler - Thanks! I appreciate the praise.

dropout - Whoa, you totally made up the part about dropping pens. That never happened. But it IS a good idea.

airam - Yes and it's evil, I tell you! Evil!

the ambiguous blob - That's the thing- I want to stop wearing mascara, but only on the ideological level. I still really like the way it looks.

sipwine - Nice! Go us. Except.. that could be bad, so... Don't go, us? Hm.

grant miller - Haha! Nice one. Crystal meth looks good on you, Grant.

VB Mom said...

Fun blog.

I have my full mascara days and then there are the days I am daring enough to wear mascara on only the top lashes (less raccoonish later in the day).

And why is it that the day I go totally bare, someone pops over?? And they always say I look tired...