Friday, March 23

To clarify

Sorry for the confusion, anyone that was confused (everyone, it sounds like).

I am only taking a break until Sunday or Monday because I'll be staying in the city and not near a computer. And this post is a covert operation performed far (down the hall) from the prying eyes of Attention Whore.

I already have stories. They are good AND embarrassing (we can't lose, here)

I am keeping THIS blog. 1) It's prettier than my old blog. 2) It's annoying to talk about the ex-Ex ALL the time. I like this one better.

Anyway I had to clarify because the song kept running through my head: "Don't be cruel to a heart that's true."

Oh and if you want to stalk me, this is where I'll be:


Sipwine said...

Ah! You tease.

Strange Bird said...

I was not confused. ;)

"Nordy" said...

Its been a long time, I see you are doing well. I wish i was closer to you so we could get to know eachother better now he is gone.. I have always found you sexy and interesting.. keep it up

Grant Miller said...

I hope you are able to enjoy Grant Miller Media while you are away.

monicker said...

I admit it, I was confused. I am now relieved that one of the many things that distract me from my work will still be here.

S* said...

You got back with The Ex.


The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

lets go baby, chop chop!!

Wombat said...

No more drama please TAB.

Well not like that, anyway.

The Accidental Bitch said...

sipwine - It's what I do best

strange bird - Why am I not surprised? You are smarter than the average... bear? Or reader? Maybe both!

nordy - Um, in my last entry I said we just got back together. But thank you!

grant miller - Alas, I was not. But be glad that it was because I was away and not because I don't enjoy it!

monicker - I'm glad the loss was temporary!

s* - haha why am I not surprised that you respond this way?

the very - I'll chop chop if you go to the fridge and grab me a beer. And make me a sandwich. And a pie.

wombat - Like what? Pretending to quit blogging? Never again, I promise.