Monday, March 26

Since I've been gone, pt 1

I need to get out of my school and move into the real world.

The ratio of men to women at my school is about 25 to 75. Of those men, about 25% are gay. I'm not one to think I'm worthless just because 500 guys aren't trying to date rape me, but it's really quite sad how I've gotten used to the lack of interest here. During my five days showing Attention Whore and then my family around New York, I got more male attention than I have in all of my three years at college. And it was nice. Even when men who could have been my grandfather were checking me out it was nice. I think I'd have to be naked to get those kind of looks at school.

My aunts and cousin and I went out to dinner, and the man at the bar who I asked about the NCAA tournament sent a round of drinks to our table when we sat down. That's all it takes? A basketball question? I think I was starting to believe I was actually invisible. Or that the whole male sex drive thing was a myth.

Has anyone seen the film "Tube Tales"? It's a series of shorts about the subway, I think they're all set in London. And this one is of this woman who is basically teasing an older man on the subway because she wants to. She's sweating, so she blows on her chest and leans over, and pulls her skirt up to show off her legs... and, well, it works.

At the hotel bar I was thinking about toying with some of these men (not the grandpa aged men, but maybe somewhere in the daddy range). Not that I was going to pull my skirt up or blow on my boobs. But, you know... a little eye contact and some lip biting can go a long way. And then I had to wonder: how would the man see it? Would he know it was me teasing him? Or would he think "Yeah baby, I've still got it! She wants me."

or "What loser whore can't get a guy her own age?"


Em and Cee said...

Eh, who cares what the daddy-aged man would think? If you wanna do it, do it. Life is short.


PS: I used to walk down a busy street with lots of outdoor cafes in the summer, cone of gelato in hand, and see how many men would stare at me. It was great fun.

Miss Devylish said...

It's so strange when you can visibly feel men noticing.. after being in oh.. SEATTLE too long like me.. Hell a drive to Portland and I'm like a sparkly new fish in an old pond.. love it. Then I come back home.. and flatline all over again. The tragedy.

Knock 'em dead for me sugar..

Princess Extrordinaire said...

You obviously stil have it - it's just that college life is so insulated from the real world where MEN notice you and are visably separated from the boys....I say go for the flirting...

kittenpower said...'ve still got it!

Tex said...

I don't think men ever think "loser" when around with beautiful women. Whore, maybe? But, glad to see you're getting out and exploring more, I'm sure biting your lip with eye contact would have made someones day!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

young women who do that do guys their father's age are usually out for money. These guys know this, but they weigh it out in their minds as to how much it would cost to get in you rpants on a regular basis. Its purely a cost/benefit anaysis.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

a note about men: men believe that they can get hot girls, young girls, older women, model-beutiful chicks, whatever. No matter how ugly, fat, old, whatever the man is- he feels entitled to hot women somehow.
It's the total opposite of how we ladies think.

Single guy blogging said...

I agree w/ em and cee! Who cares, life is short, go for it! :)

Spill the Beans said...

Ummmm, speaking as a mommy-aged woman, it feels good. That's all. You don't think, "Desperate perv" or anything like that, you just think, "I'm still hawt," and you walk a little taller.

Grant Miller said...

Dear AB,

I hate to say this, but I am your Grandfather. And I was checking you out.

Grant Miller, Esq.

Anonymous said...

depending on the hotel, they would probably think you're a pro.

Eileen Dover said...

I say, go for it.

Men, any age, any size, have egos they like to have fluffed.

Dropout! said...

It would be more like "what a gold-digging whore". At least that's what I think when I see young girls biting their lip at me.

I love little girls.

The Accidental Bitch said...

em and cee - Mmm fun. I think I agree, life is short so why not!

miss devylish - Yeah, Seattle is a drag in that department it seems. I don't understand why.

princess extraordinaire - Yeah I can't wait to graduate.

kittenpower - Yeah, after all these years... ;)

tex - I'll try to gather the courage to make many mens' days.

the very - How do they decide whether it's worth it, I wonder?

the ambiguous blob - Sadly, you might be right. Except that I may not think I can get awesome guys, but I insist that I should get them...

single guy blogging - ;) ok then, hotness

spill the beans - Oh, I'd feel good too. So I guess when I flirt with old men it's like charity?

grant miller - Well, did you at least like my slutty outfit, gramps?

anon - Not at that hotel. But I also considered that.

eileen dover - So, they get an ego fluff and I get to tease. Sounds like a good trade...

dropout - They make me feel so good.

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