Monday, June 11

A bad day for junk mail

A couple weeks ago, I was still waiting to hear back about the internship I applied for in March. I got an email from one of the representatives two Tuesdays ago saying the decision would take a little while longer. When I asked her for more detail she told me they were waiting to secure the internship host and would then send interview tapes to them, giving 5 days to make a decision. With my amazing math skills, I guessed I would find out by Friday, June 8th.

Apparently my "amazing" math skills were a bit flawed, as I did not find out on Friday. I considered emailing the courteous admin again, but opted not to bother people who hold my future in their manicured clutches. So I'm waiting... Winners get phone calls, and losers get emails. Apparently today the universe decided to screw with me, since it obviously knows I care and leave my gmail browser open at work.

When I arrived at work, the page loaded with Gmail - Inbox (1) on the top of the browser. I waited for the page to load, imagining that this particular Los Angeles office must open before 8am. Instead, it was an East Coast department store advertising some Father's day gifts. Superb. "Fuck father's day," I thought as I archived the sucker.

I noticed another Inbox (1) a little after 9am. Aha! They were definitely open by now, with fresh knowledge from my internship host. Of course, an email was definitely not a good thing, since I actually want the internship, but any information is better than none at this point. Instead, though, it was a reply from the financial aid director at my school.

The rest of the day went like this, one at a time...

9:47am - Mom

10:43am - Ticketmaster (who the fuck is Michael Bubble?)

11:40am - Mom (leave me alone already)

12:09pm - Victoria's Secret (a shoe sale? I bought my summer shoes at Fred Meyer, leave me alone!)

12:20pm - Mom

12:48pm - Mom... (at this point I stopped replying to her)

2:14pm - Newsletter from old-old internship that I keep forgetting to unsubscribe to

I took a late lunch, and when I came back my coworker, Creative Insult Guy, said "Hey TAB, your phone's been going crazy. We were having a dance party and everything."

I rushed over to my phone, apologizing for leaving it on at work. The screen said I had a voicemail, so I checked who the call was from, hoping for the 818 or 310 Los Angeles area code. Instead it was my cousin.

I angrily clicked on the Inbox link, hoping it would get the hint and refresh with an email. Nothing. (surprise!)

I headed home, and when I reached for the phone to switch it from vibrate mode, saw I had another voicemail. "Maybe they're open til 6 there?" I thought.

No. It was L, asking me to play Wii with her.

Fucking Wii.


emma5 said...

That's so annoying, I'm in prety much the same situation myself, waiting for the phone to ring. I really hope you get it.

By the way, Michael Buble is a really cute singer from Canada, I think. I'm not that into his music, but he is so charming and funny! And hot!

Airam said...

Michael Buble is hot! He is from Canada and he has a jazzy feel to his music. Think Harry Connick Jr.

Dropout! said...
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Moonstone Hippie said...

Los Angeles (or any of its inhabitants) is not known for punctuality. Maybe your amazing math skills did not fail you after all?

Ripsy said...

If you don't get it. Come to Europe.

Grant Miller said...

I am Michael Bubble.

DYLAN said...

I have a separate email account for the business I run, but have used it for A. ticketmaster and B. some credit score site.

So of course it works out that every time I am eagerly awaiting a contract from some musician, ticketmaster and the credit people decide to flood my inbox.


The Accidental Bitch said...

emma5 - Thanks! Good luck to you, too. And yeah, I should definitely pay more attention to hot celebrities.

airam - ... is it bad that I don't know who Harry Connick Jr. is?

moonstone hippie - Oh I'm sure my math was correct, but clearly not realistic as you point out.

ripsy - I'll think about it.

grant miller - I thought you were grant miller... what's with the alter ego?

dylan - haha! Nice... obviously I understand :)

Miss Devylish said...

That's funny.. my friend LOVES Michael Buble and I always make fun of his name tho he does have a lovely voice - yeah.. jazzy and old Frank Sinatra-ish stuff. You know. But doesn't time go inordinately slow when you're waiting for news?! Hate that.. So did you hear yet or what?

Benita said...

Interesting to know.