Friday, June 15

The cool club committee

So Receptionist and I struck up a little friendship shortly after I started my summer job. She had to train me to use the phones so that I could cover the front desk during her breaks, and while I sat with her we chatted. We even got to stories about creepy guys. I, of course, am skeptical of any friendship so easily sprung.

But she invited me out to lunch and then to drinks and dinner last Friday after work, and she hasn't let me down yet. She even gets my jokes AND thinks that they're funny.

Reminder: we're not dating. This is my screening process for friends. I guess I'm a tough cookie to crack?

After it was clear that we were getting along pretty well, we started talking about who in the office it would be fun to go get drinks with. As we put our suggestions forth, we laughed and said we were making a "cool club" for the office.

Today, Receptionist returned from her afternoon break telling me "I decided to give Cliche girl another chance, so I invited her out to drinks with us sometime."


Then later we were talking about who else to invite. "Well, I asked Easy-going guy but he hasn't responded yet," She told me.

Later on she suggested inviting High Strung Gal.

"She kinda scares me," I said.

"Okay, yeah I was going out on a limb there."

Later on, Easy-going guy told me that he was honored to be considered part of the cool crowd. So now it's official: I'm cool. Mission accomplished.


Scotty said...

This is funny, because we have our own 'cool crowd' here.

Trouble said...

That's the best feeling ever...I've been in the cool crowd since college, and having NOT been in it, I appreciate it all the time. There is one girl here that is like the ringleader for the cool crowd. Most of the people in our office are too old and stiff to WANT to be included (or for us to want to include them). The fact that the coolest chick here is 41, (as am I), that kinda rocks.

The housewifey types are a bit scared of us. ;) And we enjoy scandalizing them.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

rule #1 of "Cool Club" (or as known in other parts as- "the fun bunch")

1. All women must be commando at all times.

2. All men must not.


Mr. Shain said...

big fish, small pond?

Miss Devylish said...

So when are you going to invite the wench? Or I hope you've both decided she's definitely out..

Moonstone Hippie said...

We made up "The A-List Cool Kids" at my previous work. We were unstoppable. Good job!

kittenpower said...

there's a cool club in every office...

Grant Miller said...

Will there be tickling fights and sleepovers at any point? I'd enjoy that.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

That's so mean girls style. Kudos!

The Accidental Bitch said...

scotty - Oh yeah? Am I in it yet?

trouble - Yeah I definitely appreciate it. And I also like striking fear in the hearts of normal or annoying people.

the very - That's quite sexist of you; I think commando mode must be assumed by all in the club.

mr. shain - Perhaps. But I hope you're not implying that 1) I couldn't make it in a big pond, and 2) That I'm actually a fish.

miss devylish - Oh she is SO out. Plus she's underage so she can't drink with us.

moonstone hippie - lol was that what you called yourselves? And was there a B-list or was that just for your benefit?

kittenpower - It's nice to be a founding member, for sure!

grant miller - I don't think those are things that are planned in advance, but I will keep you in the know...

the ambiguous blob - I didn't think about that! You're so right. *Sips diet coke*

Dropout! said...

You are not cool.

What? You wanted me to respond to a non-rhetorical part of your posts, right? Well there you are, loser.