Monday, June 18

Food and insults mean people care

So... I didn't get the internship. I found out today. As soon as I found out, I felt like I had to call people and tell them, because I had promised so many people, in the spirit of hope, that I would tell them as soon as I knew. But making a ton of bad news calls makes it feel like I'm dwelling on it, rubbing it in deeper.

I texted The ex-Ex first, and he texted back that he was sorry. I asked him to cheer me up when I got off work tonight, and he offered to take me out to a nice Italian restaurant that I'd never gone to.

So, free dinner.

Then I texted L and told her, and she told me we would make brownies tonight.

So, baking and sympathy.

Then I told S and she reminded me that "everyone in LA has the herp anyway".

I like my friends. :)


caramaena said...

Oh bugger. Better luck next time TAB.

Good to know you've got caring friends there to cheer you up.

Moonstone Hippie said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the internship. You're in for something better. It happens that way most of the time.

Well, you're friend is kinda right. Lots of ho's out running amok.

I'm the only one without the herp.

Strange Bird said...

Too bad about the internship, but it might have been worth it just to get your friends to do nice things for you.

But S is wrong. Only half of Angelenos have the herp. The other half have the Clap. Well, except me.

Grant Miller said...

I would text back "I'm sorry" if you texted me.

Wanderlusting said...

Tough luck but you know what? Everything happens for a reason...OK, maybe I just happen to believe that, but you'll see! Better things will come your way. Now go get drunk!

GrizzBabe said...

Good friends indeed!

kittenpower said...

so sorry!
the food sounds quality though and so do the friends...!

Miss Devylish said...

I'm sorry sugar.. but when friends respond like that, isn't it the best? Gotta love that. PS.. what restaurant did you end up at?

The Accidental Bitch said...

caramaena - Thanks! I agree, friends are awesome :)

moonstone hippie - Oh you don't have it? Or are you just saying that to get me into bed?

strange bird - Exactly! Now all I have to do is keep having horrible luck, and I'll eventually get everything I want...

grant miller - You're totally not in my top 5. I want gifts.

wanderlusting - Yeah, that's just something that losers say. :-P And... I did get drunk :)

grizzbabe - :)

kittenpower - Yeah, friends and food. It's enough to make any TAB happy :)

miss devylish - Yeah, I always get surprised when people are there for me like that. I'm not used to sympathy. We went to Pogacha... stalker! ;)

Ripsy said...

thanks for contacting me... ass clown.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

It's only part true about LA and the herp. Only those between 15 and 35 have it.
Luckily, I live just outside of the county.
I'm sorry you didn't get the job.

Bridget Jones said...

sorry about the internship but I bet something better comes up.

Great friends!