Saturday, July 7

A break in the clouds

I had to cover for Receptionist at work Thursday and Friday. Not only did this mean I was doing my job and answering phones, it meant I couldn't ignore The Wench because she was covering my breaks. At one point, she told me she missed me upstairs. I wasn't quite sure how to answer, since I couldn't tell if she was serious or not.

When I returned from my afternoon break on Friday, she sat around for a while until the phone started ringing. She asked me how long I would be staying and then told me "I'm going to put my two weeks in."

I was shocked. How could she leave? Annoying people never go away. "Really? Why?" I feigned concern.

"I'm going back to Alaska soon anyway, and this job is boring."

I couldn't argue with the boring part, and I didn't want to argue with anything else she was saying... "When are you going to tell them?"

"Either today or Monday. Probably Monday."

On Monday I'm going to ask if they need to replace her so I can try to get The ex-Ex a better job than being a food court worker (his current prospect...)

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The Ambiguous Blob said...

So that you'll work together? Oh maaaan. Is that really a good idea?