Monday, July 2


The ex-Ex and I went bowling after work last week with Receptionist and her fiance.  We all got some beers, and soon after starting the game began making up little bets each round.
Receptionist's fiance started with "If you get a strike, we'll get married this summer."
It was mostly betting between the couples, and between The ex-Ex and I, it was mostly betting on rounds of drinks.  Then The ex-Ex got a strike and I had to buy us a round of drinks.  When it was my turn to go, i turned to him.  "Okay, so if I get a strike, what do I get?"
"The next round," He replied.
"I just got a round, we can't do that again until it's time for another."
"Okay... I'll pay for the iPod case you want."  With his discount at Best Buy, he had told me earlier that this would only cost about four bucks.
"What?!  No way!  That's so cheap," I whined.
"Well, what do you want then?"
I racked my brain for an expensive gift. All I could think of was a big fat ring, so I mimed slipping a ring onto my finger.  Half-way through I realized that I was slipping the imaginary ring onto my left ring finger. 
I laughed with embarrassment and mumbled "Just kidding!" over my shoulder as I looked for the bowling ball.


Ripsy said...

If you get a strike, I'll get you a joint... of marihuana.

londongirl said...

Crikey.... talk about a subtle hint... how did he take it?

Heather said...

HA!!! Classic.

QueenBitch said...

OMG ive so done this recently too and had to catch myself mid thought!!

James said...

Ooops that must of been a little embarrassing. Did you get the strike?

Grant Miller said...

I'm married and, obviously wear a ring. But I always fidget with it when I'm nervous or bored.

kittenpower said...

are you really interested in marrying the ex ex?

or are you just interested in a big shiny rock?

The Accidental Bitch said...

ripsy - As opposed to... a body joint?

londongirl - I have no idea, my back was turned and we didn't talk about it. It WAS a joke, after all.

heather - Yeah... I didn't think I was capable of that sort of thing.

queenbitch - Did you catch yourself before you said anything?

james - Nope! Pressure's off!

grant miller - I think that's normal. That or you hate your wife.

kittenpower - Why can't it be both?

Miss Devylish said...

Talk about a Freudian slip..