Thursday, August 23

Proving men wrong: Priceless

I'm going on my first vacation with The ex-Ex this weekend!  We're going to go camping in a cute Bavarian village.
When coming up with ideas for activities, I looked at the town's website to see what kind of tourist-y things there are to do there.
We both wanted to go to the brewery to try different beers.  I'm not sure how much it would cost to go there, but probably a few beers' worth.
Other than that, I found mini golf ($10 each), a coffee shop concert (free), and a Nutcracker factory ($1 admission).
He wants to go river rafting ($80 each). 
So what's this he says about me having expensive taste?


Anonymous said...

THat's crap men say so they don't have to look materialistic. I mean, hello, I don't think flat panel TV's were made for women who watch sewing shows.

pink jellybaby said...

The Ex is now The ex-Ex?? oh i'm confused, i think i need to do some catch up reading!!

Joshua said...

Is the ex-ex the boyfriend before the last boyfriend?

Does this mean it's possible to stay friends with exs?

My girlfriend and I broke up two months ago and we're weaving an awkward web here.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Oh my gosh, go rafting! For serious, it's worth every penny.

Bridget Jones said...

Tell me it's not that same jerk.

Why do you put up with him??

kittenpower said...

holy crap, are you going to helen, ga?