Sunday, September 23

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

As I sat in my friend's room talking about legendary philosophers and literary geniuses, I began to feel overwhelmed.

"I want to do things like them," I announced with despair. "I don't want to just make crap like so many people do. I want to make things that matter, that people will look back on and remember and show to their children."

Maybe it sounded naive, but that's why I said it despairingly. Because how many geniuses (not that I am one) go unnoticed? How many people get a movie made or a book published because they're friends with the velvet purse strings?

And what guarantee do I have that the work I can make will be anywhere comparable to those I admire?


It is crushing. And now I have to write a screenplay.


Kris said...

Well, be different than Brad Pitt and don't make sick ass shows that you leave feeling nauseated...

Captain Smack said...

All those great philosophers and artists didn't have TVs. I bet that's what it was. They just didn't have anything to do, so they sat around thinking up stuff and writing plays.

Anonymous said...

Well if you keep writing your blog, we will all continue to know what a genius you are and the word will spead my sister:)