Sunday, December 9

No more entertainment

For some reason, I always thought that I had to entertain people with my blog posts. I wasn't allowed to be boring. Something that's boring isn't post-able.

Well fuck that.

Caring so much about entertaining everybody who reads what I write is exhausting. I think instead I will write whatever I want.

I'll start with a few things I never would have shared before.

- Yesterday I danced topless with my friends. It was fun.
- I really like pot. I started smoking it by myself this year.
- I hate the US. I don't know what country I like better, but I plan to look into that.
- Pop culture makes me angry. A lot of it is degrading to women, which I can't stand, which brings me to my next point:
- I am a feminist.

That's all the honesty I think I can squeeze out of myself for now.


cali said...

"I really like pot. I started smoking it by myself this year."

Me, too. I can't believe it's taken me this long.

Sipwine said...

I wish I had had a good pot experience... mine left me wanting to never do it again.

AnkleBone said...

I wish more people thought like you, TAB. The world would be a much better place...

Miss Devylish said...

Here here to honesty and not feeling like you have to entertain anyone but yourself.

Tex said...

You just get better an better TAB.
You're boyfriend is crazy is a lucky dude. Oh, and I like pot too....

Anonymous said...

You never specified where or when but dancing topless could have been just as degrading as all the stuff that you dislike about the pop culture.

The Accidental Bitch said...

balikas - This is true. It was at a party with friends.

kittenpower said...

ha. i'm with you on the pot.
once i announced on my blog that i enjoy taking bong hits and going running. no one really had much to say about it.

for real, who cares what you write? this is for you and if people are entertained, then so be it.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

it's better if you're just writing whatever comes to mind. I like those posts the best. Good on ya.

also, the reefer is such a mild drug. It's ridiculous for people to get all uppity about it. Unless you're ruining your life by smoking and playing video games all day and not showering and losing your job cuz you forget to go to work and stuff. Which you most likely are not and will not. So no biggie, right?