Saturday, December 15

Notes on an ADD scandal

When I emailed my mom about seeing the psychologist to get tested for ADD, she responded: "I am beginning to think we all have ADD." She then cited having too much to do as the problem. I don't know exactly what she really thinks about this issue, but I do know that she refused to put my ADD brother on medication even though he almost failed out of high school. Needless to say, I simply can't wait to spend time with my mother during the holidays.

I saw the psychologist on Thursday, and he said that based on the test I took, it is "highly probable" that I have ADD. Since it's not as though you can draw blood and test it to find your answer, that appears to be as official as it gets. I'm sure my mom will love hearing that.

To get to the psychologist's office, a mile from the train station, I waded through two feet of snow on a busy highway with no sidewalk while a sheet of icy sleet slapped against my flimsy umbrella. The psychologist called me intrepid when I got to his office, which I guess is appropriate, although I was thinking more along the lines of "poor" or "dumbass" or "don't know the number for the local cab service." As I was leaving I silently pleaded for him to drive me to the train. No such luck. I started back, and just as I began to think "It's not THAT bad walking in the dark during a snowstorm with no gloves, kiddo!", an SUV pulled up beside me.

"Do you need a ride?" I heard.

I turned to face the car and quickly scanned the interior: a woman driving two little girls seated in the back. Since it didn't resemble the opening scene of a horror movie, I gratefully accepted the offer.

I've never accepted a ride from a stranger before, and wasn't quite sure about the etiquette. Obviously I thanked them, but then what? Do you let the driver run the conversation? Do you attempt to provide entertainment as payment for their kindness?

"Headed home?" I asked, when nobody spoke up.

"No, we're just going for a drive," Replied the mother.

Who the fuck just drives around for fun in the middle of an ice storm? I thought. This seemed a little bit more like that horror movie.

"How fun!" I said, also thinking about how environmentally irresponsible pleasure-driving is. Here was a woman wasting gas by driving for FUN in an SUV. Basically, my enemy.

Funny how I'll bite my tongue as long as someone's helping me out... I guess I understand Republicans now.


Tilly said...

Hahahaha! BURN! Loved that last part. LOVED.

Anonymous said...

thats really kind of her but kind of strange considering she had two kids in the car. i mean its nice to teach kindness..but what kind of lesson is it to pick a stranger up on the side of the road? i'm glad you got a ride though!!

Jerome said...

Nat schlesinger killed his brother Jack then store his entire estate

Anonymous said...

Sometimes driving can calm children down, even put them to sleep if necessary. Maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusions.

kittenpower said...

what an odd moment...
at least you got a ride!

The Ambiguous Blob said...

It's moments like that- when strangers are helping strangers in need- that the real human part of humanity shows. We are all in this life deal together- no matter what our political/environmental/etc views are.
Damn, I sound like a hippie.