Wednesday, September 17

Moving to New York

Since quitting the awful job, I have:

- Moved into an apartment in Manhattan
- Gone to Ikea three times
- Started an internship at a film production company where names like Natalie Portman and Sam Rockwell are thrown around like darts
- Lost my debit card
- Lost my cell phone
- Had several arguments with my new roommate

My roommate is a friend from school whose ideas about life, it turns out, are very different from mine. Small differences in lifestyle make it surprisingly difficult to do things together. I like going out, she likes staying in; she likes cutesy-silly decor, I like cutesy-classic; she often misinterprets me, I often dislike what she says.

I guess I'm in for a big learning experience. And I thought losing my phone would be hard.


Sara said...

Go for the SLC method of murder.

Jignesh said...

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