Wednesday, December 27

Attention whores don't offer much support

The day after I had confirmed without a doubt that I was newly single, I called up AW. We both wanted to hang out, but as usual our ideas regarding possible activities were meager. Specifically, there was:

1) Rent a movie
2) Go visit the frats AW never shuts up about (she's in a sorority)

(Did I mention that I live in a suburb?)

I was tired, but this was the first time frat-visiting had ever been suggested. Movie-renting, on the other hand... let's just say that it's pretty much always the first option listed when we brainstorm.

"Let's go to the frats," I said. I'm single, I thought, I can even fuck one of these guys if I want! ...Super...

AW drove, and we ended up at a frat playing beer pong. Since she was driving, AW didn't drink. I attempted to make up for it by drinking any and all beer that no one else wanted to chug, and never made a single shot during the game. After a round, I stood next to AW and chatted with her for a moment.

"God, I suck at this game!" I complained.

"Last weekend, when we were playing bitch-beer pong," she replied loudly so the men nearby could hear, "I took off my shirt to distract the opposing team."

"Seriously?" I asked. The thought was funny to me for some reason. I guess I had never seen her strip. Also, I was tipsy. Also, I had forgotten what an attention whore she is.

"Yeah, and bent over and took my pants off." She looked past me at a particular frat boy while she said all this, demonstrating the 'bending over' part as if it could be interpreted another way. The frat boy came over and asked her a few questions, then went back to his shot at beer pong.

I pushed her playfully. "AW! What are other, respectable girls supposed to do for attention when girls like you are taking their shirts off and bending over?"

AW continued to look past me at the frat boy's back. "Those girls should take off their shirts."

Though I have been known to wear scandalous outfits when the occasion calls for it (Halloween, my school's skankily-themed spring dance, walking around campus..), AW's comment reminded me how much I hate it when girls like her attract men by flaunting their bodies. I have enough trouble getting guys interested in me (in the real way, mind you) without whores like her shoving their bosoms in everyone's face.

I pushed her a little less playfully. "What are we supposed to do if we don't want to be whores and take off our shirts like you?" I glared at her.

"Tough luck," she responded. "That's just how it works."

Though the object of her eye was the only cute guy in the room, and I was newly single (don't I get priority for my recent troubles?) and drunk, I let AW have him. After all, I'm only here for a month. Also, dating/fucking him would screw up AW's life more than if I dated/fucked him, since at the time she was already dating the frat boy's roommate.

I guess I was hoping for a bit more consideration: here I am, newly single, and nobody's pushing me to date or get some lovin'? For shame.


John said...

That's gold, AB.

Ahhh Frat life.

A cruel, twisted life of fun and missed opportunities.

I remember them well.

strange bird said...

You can get plenty of attention without taking off your shirt if you are looking for it (1) without attention whores for company and (2) outside of frat houses.

(Anyway, you can't look for that kind of support from a cockblocker. ;)

BlueLoverGirl said...

lol! I love your writing:) and I agree - you should have had first pickins!

Life of the Party said...

"I have enough trouble getting guys interested in me"? You suck. And are a huge liarbuttface. I hate you.

Eileen Dover said...


The guys were probably talking about how your AW had underwear crickets.

Martian said...

liarbuttface? haha!

Sex & Moxie said...

I miss those days. In college I bartended at the local bar where all the MIT frat guys drank. My school was so small that everyone knew everyone's business. I slutted my way through Sig Ep and Delta Upsilon and enjoyed every minute of it and no one at my school knew a thing about it.. But I can remember the bitchy girls at those parties. I was friends with all the guys because they knew me from the bar so they always assumed I was one of the guy's girlfriends.

monicker said...

Play hard-to-get. Seriously. I was never interested in hooking up and guys, for some reason, really like the ones that are not interested at all.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Heaven is clearly a frat house.

Kill me now.


Charm School Reject said...

"Also, dating/fucking him would screw up AW's life more than if I dated/fucked him, since at the time she was already dating the frat boy's roommate."


Rune said...

wait, so strip beer pong isn't the *normal* beer pong?

Nancy Drew said...

Probably you missed out on a scorching case of herpes. Gotta wonder about AW though. Not much fun to go partying with her next time, huh?

Date, TAB!! Get some (non-diseased) lovin'!!!

Jack said...

Your friend sounds like typical sorority TRASH. Taking her clothes off in a frat house? Pretty sad. Did she fuck this new guy and his roommate? I thought you were classier than to talk about "fucking" someone else anyway. Sex and moxie - your "friends" were laughing at your slutty ass behind your back.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

This reminds me of my high school years. All of which were spent 10 minutes from frat row. I was a very happy and talented girl. Talented at keg stands, that is.
Have a good time. Take off your shirt if you must.

Wanderlusting said...

I hate it when girls like her attract men by flaunting their bodies.

Ditto, TAB. AW may have to take her shirt off to get a guys attention but I'm sure girls like you and I just have to smile. Like you, I would rather go the subtle, less whore-ish route. Besides, think she's attracting anyone worthwhile by acting like that? Nuh-uh. It's too easy.

Jazz said...

Hmmmmm got a question here....what is the reason for hanging with this whore??? lol. I must have missed it.