Tuesday, January 23

All airlines should offer this

My flight back to New York was at 9am, which means I woke up at 6:30am. By the way, I'm not a morning person. I rode the wheelchair to my gate, since I decided not to risk hurting my hip by trekking around the airport a mere two weeks after surgery. I got to pre-board, and found my seat in the second to last row next to the window.

I'm a friendly person and all, but I've always been pretty reserved on airplanes. Ever since my mom berated me when I was ten for giving personal information (i.e. the town I'm from) to strangers, I've played it on the safe side. I try to read; usually end up sleeping. Almost always succeed in ignoring the people next to me.

So as everyone else boarded the plane, I got my book out. I saw someone set stuff on the aisle seat, and snuck a tiny glance. Wow, he was cute... right? Or maybe I didn't look long enough to evaluate. I peeked again as he set something in the overhead bin, quickly looking away. Yeah, he looked cute. I think. It's hard to tell when you only looked for half a second. Crap. Was he cute? All I could tell was that he was well-dressed and had blond-ish hair. That definitely doesn't mean anything. I tried to look again, and then realized that I had basically just done a triple-take without gathering any information, so I whipped open my book and ignored him.

"Hi, I'm Jason." I looked over in surprise to his hand. Finally, an appropriate moment to look at him without seeming like a creepy staring person. He was cute. I smiled and shook his hand, then prepared to turn back to my book.

"So are you going to New York to visit or go home?" What was this? He wanted to talk? Incredible. I figured it wouldn't go much beyond that, though.

I was wrong. We talked literally nonstop for the entire five hour flight. He had the most entertaining stories from traveling with his friends through Europe, and we talked about things like bar etiquette and the third date rule.

He even has the same political ideas as I do. And I know he wasn't faking because he showed me the book he had stashed in his seatback pocket, which was about politics. In the middle of that conversation, he referenced a book that I had read, and we had one of those "No kidding! That's so cool!" moments.

I told him about my surgery and he told me about his past surgeries, complete with funny stories of course. Every time we finished a topic or the conversation lagged for 10 seconds or so (which only happened about 3 times during the whole flight) he picked it up and asked me a question.

The problem? He knew that I'm 21, but I had no idea how old he was. All I have to go on is that he referred to 23 as the past, and he said the absolute oldest woman he would date would be 32. So he must be 30 or younger. Unfortunately I forgot to ask about how young he would go. Not that I'm completely in love with him.

Except that he was perfect.

As everyone filed off the plane and I waited for a chance to run to the bathroom, we just waved goodbye.

I know he's only in town for a week, and he's on business. But for some reason I was disappointed. He had definitely seemed interested, and we could easily have met for drinks. I have to wonder if he was deterred when I told him about my surgery. Would he have tried to meet up with me if he thought I might sleep with him? Or was he just friendly?

Whatever the case, I am now optimistic that I will be able to find non-creepy men who can carry a conversation and make me laugh. Or I could move to Seattle. I mean, he works for Microsoft... not bad.


Charm School Reject said...

Cheers to hot boys (men?) on planes!

Maybe they should make a movie about that since the snake theme didn't work out so well.

If nothing else, this at least proved that you still got "it".

Eileen Dover said...

Ooh, you should go on Craigslist and post on Missed Encounters. ;)

That's what I love about business cards. I don't give my business cards to vendors...I give them to men in bars. :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! that is the BEST way to pass a 5 hour flight - flirting with a cute guy! Fun fun fun:)

VerbalD said...

craigslist missed connections-

put up a missed connection, because you could still get a drink with him.

Dropout! said...

You know what you should have done?

Flown to Florida. I'm more fun.

Songbird said...

aha aha aha! There you go!!!

NotCarrie said...

Oh man!I hope you somehow find him again. What a great story that would be.

Yvonne said...

(I've never read your blog before but) OHHHHH I hope you find him!

DYLAN said...

The cutest guy sat in front of me on the plane last weekend. Unfortunately there's no casual way to start up conversation on a plane with the person in FRONT of you. Damn.

The Accidental Bitch said...

charm school reject - Heh, thanks... although the way you said that made me feel like I'm 40.

eileen dover & verbald - I doubt he's going straight to his hotel room to check the Missed Encounters section of craigslist. But I did think about it.

bluelovergirl - Yeah, that was my favorite flight to date.

dropout - Or you could move to New York and we could take turns screwing him. I'm just saying.

songbird - Yes, and I hope to go there again.

notcarrie - A good one for the future children, right? ;)

yvonne - Considering I'm probably not going to look for him, that would be quite a stroke of luck indeed. Oh- and welcome to my blog!

dylan - A shame. At least you get to imagine that he's an asshole, right?

Miss Devylish said...

Girl.. if you don't happen to find him there.. if you know his name and the dept he works in, email me. I know ppl at MS who can look him up. Seriously.. missdevylish@gmail.com. You can pay me back when you're happily married w/ children by introducing me to his brother or something. :)

But isn't that the best? I love that feeling of new connections. Crossing my fingers for you!

Nicole Carina said...

That's awesome, I met a guy on a plane once and we actually did meet up afterwards and went on a few great dates before I had to fly home, so IT'S POSSIBLE! :) Good Luck!

Charm School Reject said...

Woops! I re-read my comment and I don't see how it makes you feel forty but oh well. Sorry.

The Accidental Bitch said...

charm school - I wasn't offended, I just laughed. It was the word "still". Reminded me of Stella Got Her Groove Back

tiff said...

I never meet hot guys on planes. Just smelly ones! Sounds like a fun cross-country trip.

Charm School Reject said...

Ahhhh.....gotcha. Stella. Nice.