Wednesday, January 24

Why heels are sexy

One of the classes I'm taking is a history class about beauty in the United States. Today, someone mentioned high heels and we ended up debating over whether heels are considered necessary in 2007 (compared to the 1940s). I argued that while they are no longer required at the office (not everywhere at least), they are still standard fare in many workplaces and still the footwear of choice when we think of a sexy outfit.

One girl told us about a conversation she had with a bunch of male friends.

Her: "So, why do guys like it when women wear heels so much?"
Guy 1: "Well... honestly? We kind of like that it hurts your feet."
Her: "Seriously?"
Guy 1: "Yeah, that's definitely part of it."
She turns to another guy friend incredulously.
Guy 2: "I have to admit, I agree."



ohmygodimmike said...

I don't think heels make woman the slightest bit sexier, and if a girlfriend ever wanted to wear heels during sex I would dumb her no matter how hot she is or how much I liked her.

becky said...

Do they like that it hurts our feet because it means we are putting that much effort into trying to look good, or do they just like to see us in pain (or at least think we're in pain, since some heels aren't that uncomfortable)?

Greg said...

Ha ha-- I never thought about it that way. At least not consciously. But I'm afraid it makes a lot of sense.

Did the subject of clear heels ever come up?

S* said...

I think heels are sexy because most women FEEL sexier when they where them. That confidence in turn makes the woman seem sexier to men.

AnkleBone said...

I'd have to agree with s*, although, as an older, taller man, I appreciate women who take the time with their appearance. There's something to be said for well-defined calves. I don't really think it's great that women suffer when they wear them - I wish there was a comfortable alternative!

Strange Bird said...

Now I love my boyfriend even more for not being impressed when I wear them!

Bad at Life said...

I totally disagree. Heels are not sexy because they hurt women. They're sexy because they make your legs look longer. You definitely notice a woman's legs more when she's wearing heels...that, and there's something sort of cute about watching a drunk girl in heels totter around like a baby deer.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I wear them because flat shoes aren't as popular, so they aren't available in all the cute styles.
Also, my pants are too long without them.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

i do not think for a minute that heels being uncomfortable are the key to their sexiness no way. Probably more the fact that they kind lift your ass and make certain ...ahem...acts.. suggestive.


so- body shots?

Wombat said...
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Wombat said...

Where can I take this class on women's shoes?


Oh, and they make it more difficult for you to run away.

And they make your arse look great.

Plus there's the delicious danger of being spiked when wearing them during sex.

And...but I don't wish to go overboard.

DCVita said...

Agree with wombat. I definately feel sexier in heels. But to say that they like them because they cause so much pain?! Clearly these men have mommy issues!!

monicker said...

Heels are sexy because, by design, you are almost forced to walk more provocatively in order to remain upright. Although with some heels, remaining upright isn't always the intention.

Eileen Dover said...

Oh geez.

Men who think we dress daily for torture.

No, that's what fucking girdles are for!

Virginia Belle said...

that is crazy. i guess i learned something today.

why that, though??? i would expect them to say that it makes us look dainty or it makes our legs look longer. not.......pain.

more proof that men are sick bastards! ha!

i think wombat brings up reasonable reasons. and anklebone. those are responses i would expect.

Miss Devylish said...

They have got to be kidding.. and I thought I knew men. I'm so going to poll now. I don't buy it tho. I 've been told men love the way heels make a woman's calves look.. but hi.. I become whiny when my feet hurt and that is just not enjoyable for anyone.

Airam said...

They like when it hurts our feet? What the fuck is that?

Anonymous said...

Hm I guess I never received that memo on heels. I hate them.

And now from your little convo? I hate them even more. Men are such weird jerks sometimes.

The Accidental Bitch said...

ohmygodimmike - Dump her? That's a little extreme... I bet you're not very kinky.

becky - Exactly. I assume the latter, but that pretty much makes it worse.

greg - No... why?

s* - Question: Why do they feel sexier in heels? Because they know men like them? Why should a woman depend on what a man likes in order for her to feel confident? (Not that I disagree... but it's frustrating sometimes)

anklebone - Why do heels give you the impression that a woman took time? All you have to do is slip them on. Does it ever bother you how much effort a woman has to put into her appearance in order to look attractive?

strange bird - Do they make you feel sexy to wear them anyway?

bad at life - How is watching a woman totter around like a deer any better than liking her being in pain? Both leave her helpless in some sense... *sigh* you definitely caught me on a big feminist day.

the very - I'll let you know this weekend. I'll do my best.

Wombat - "You"? You've seen my ass? It looks good? Thank you! :)

dcvita - Mommy issues?

monicker - What makes a walk provocative and how do heels mechanically enforce it?

eileen dover - Well, we do a lot of things that are unpleasant because we think it makes us more attractive. Maybe not girdles, but a 2007 equivalent...

virginia belle - I think there's something submissive about agreeing to wear uncomfortable things for the sake of attracting men. But they also didn't say that's the only reason they thought heels were attractive.

miss devylish - We're supposed to bear our pain silently, though, remember?

airam - See patriarchy.

crystall - I don't think it's intentional on their part, but yeah. I hate heels but they still do make me feel sexy. Quel hypocrite!

Strange Bird said...

Yes. They feel sexy anyway. Couldn't tell you why.

S* said...

You got me backwards. I said that men are attracted to the CONFIDENCE of a woman who is feeling sexy.

I like heels because the way I walk in them makes me feel sexy (like what Monicker said)...longer strides, hips thrust forward. I also just like the way the shoes themselves look aesthetically. Could give a rat's ass about what some man thinks.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I'm afraid of women who wear heels because if there's ever like, a stampede of people, and I fall down, I could get a heel broken off in my face. No thank you!

Rune said...

Men love the shape of a woman's legs when she wears heels. Specifically the calf. Not that a man wants a muscular woman, but anthropologically, the idea makes a man believe that she is a strong mate. Someone who could produce healthy children. Flats make women look like they have cankles. Anthropoligically speaking, cankles equals retarded babies.

wonderturtle said...

Despite the declarations of your friendly neighborhood sadists, I think it is the calf thing as well.

But I guess they could work whether you think they imply power or helplessness. Too bad they hurt so much.

Jazz said...

Are you freaking kidding me? They get off on knowing we are hurting our feet to look hot for them? Asses!

Marcheline said...

These are the exact shoes that the new intern in my (former) office wore... and yes, it drove all the guys in the office crazy, drooling insane.


- M