Saturday, February 10

Sweet smell of victory (for now)

News on the OI front!

So at the office, there are about 8 interns (aka slaves). The two who matter so far are:
1) OI, who is my dull-witted competition, and
2) AI (Awesome Intern), who is... well, awesome.

On my first day, AI was there and while we went on an errand, she explained the entire office to me. Sort of like in Mean Girls (except replace the word "office" with "school"). She told me the names and positions of all the executives, how long everyone had been working there, and - most importantly - that the exec I would be working for is hot. :) And married. :(

Sure enough, when I met him I was able to confirm her story. And I figure if we have the same taste in men, we can definitely get along. So AI is on my good list. And I'm on hers.

When we were both working this week, I expressed my concern about OI. "It seems like I break everything and she fixes it," I whined. "Everyone's totally going to think she's better than me."

"No way," She consoled me. "She's not that great. And I know for a fact that your boss likes you better."

"Really? How do you know?"

"Because he told me when he chose his interns, 'I picked two interns. One of them is fabulous, she's awesome. The other one... I'm not so sure about.'"

I was horrified. "How do you know he wasn't talking about OI? He totally was! Oh shit."

"No, he was talking about you! He didn't say your name but he told me the good one was getting surgery."


"And remember how you had him send you those DVDs?"

When I first got this internship, which is in television, I asked my supervisor if he could send me some of our shows so that I could familiarize myself with the network. I truly wanted to watch them, but knew I was taking a gamble: I could come off as either enthusiastic or demanding.

"Well he loved that!"


"Totally. He told me about it, he said it was great how excited you were to learn about the network. He told everyone in the office that you had asked for them."

Nice. OI is going down. And I have a friend who's on my side of the war.


Dropout! said...

Sweeeet. You are so gonna be his mistress.

Ripsy said...

You need to holler at Stupid Cunt up in England so she can give you advice on that stuff.

Sipwine said...

Thats awesome. Take her down!

The Accidental Bitch said...

dropout - To clarify: the one that hired me is not the hot one. The hot one is his boss.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Good move with the DVD request!

monicker said...

Mmmm, success. Don't revel in it too much.

Anonymous said...


The Accidental Bitch said...

ripsy - Um, I'm doing fine on my own thank you.

sipwine - I don't know if she needs my help going down at this point :)

the ambiguous blob - Hell yeah! :)

monicker - I think as soon as I finished this post I became paranoid again. "Now he had high expectations for me! Crap."

bluelovergirl - Indeed!!!