Saturday, March 31

I got pounded!

At the elevator bank where I work, you have to scan an ID card to get in. The elevators are also monitored by one or two security people, who make sure that nobody sneaks in without the permission of the company (to blow us to smithereens, no doubt).

As part of my new "be friendly to everyone" resolution, I say hello to the security guard every day. (And that's about as far as I got with the resolution... oh well) As I scan my card, I ask the security guy "How are you today?"

The first time, he told me "So far, so good" which struck me as funny because it was pretty early in the day. But it seemed like a good perspective to have, especially compared to the alternatives ("Everything sucks already" or "What's the point of living when all there is in life is pain?")

The second time I asked, he told me "So far, so good." Wait a minute, I thought. He told me that last time! It all felt so cheap: I imagined him using that line on everyone who walked through his elevator bank. I wasn't special.

But I finally graduated to "special." Yes, after weeks of asking him not "How are you?" but "So far so good?", he gave me The Pound:

I, of course, played it off with style by giggling and saying "Really? I'm so honored!" I decided at that moment that this meant I had "made it" in the corporate world. A promotion and some pay can't be too far off.


lessake said...

If the security guard already recognizes you then YOU ARE totally on the way to the top + respect, damn, you'll be swimming in money no time!

Bridget Jones said...

That is COOL!!

Way to go TAB!!

Trouble said...

Actually, I only wish that being a good, cool person who is decent to everyone, including security guards equated to actual pay increases. But I haven't actually found that to be the case. The cynical side of me says that the assholes often win, paywise.

But who wants to be an asshole? I think being yourself is way better.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

See what a resolution can do for you? You graduated with flying oolors..

monicker said...

Totally sweet - way to be someone special!

Miss Devylish said...

I think you should pass the pound around.. like.. once the security guy gives it to you.. pass it to your boss.. You know.. spread the love.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

I suppose it's more useful in life to have the security guard at work know you than say, the cashiers at Panera Bread. Because if anyone ever did try to bomb the place, the security guard would be more likely to save your corporate ass. Once again, it's all about who you know.

caramaena said...

Smart move TAB. I hear a lot about the 'powers that be' noticing how people treat 'support staff' (for want of a better term - people like waiters etc).

While it may not equate to pay rises etc, it may give you an edge over someone who treats people like crap or like they don't exist.

The Accidental Bitch said...

lessake - Cause for a celebration, I think.

bridget jones - Whooo, thanks!

trouble - I know, I know. That's why the last sentence of my post was sarcastic. And it's a shame that it has to be that way. I like your outlook!

princess extraordinaire - Yes, except for the fact that it only extended to the security guy. Next stop? People I actually interact with! Scary.

monicker - Hellz yeah. If I'm nothing else, I'm someone special. And I think that is my true goal.

miss devylish - lol I can't imagine doing that to my boss. But I'll try it some day when I come to work drunk.

beatrix kiddo - Yes well the likelihood of a bombing is much slimmer than say... the need for me to get a job after college. So I might not be impressing the right people after all.

caramaena - I'll try to make sure that one of my superiors is there when I do secret handshakes with the "support staff." Otherwise, all my efforts are for nothing! (... kidding, I think)

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

i read the title of this post, and thought of something completely different.