Sunday, April 1

A joke for the ladies

Have you ever heard the joke that goes like this?

Guy: "Hey, I bet you $2 that I can make your boobs shake without touching them."

Girl: "Really?" Girl considers. "Okay! Let's make it $5!"

Guy: "No, I only have $2." Guy pulls $2 out of his wallet, gives to friend who is watching. "Ready?"

Girl: "Okay..." She holds extra still and looks down.

Guy grabs girls boobs and shakes them.

Girl: "What the hell?!"

Guy: "Here's your $2. You win."

I found out alllll about that funny joke on Saturday night.


Eric said...

Can I have my $2 back?

Sipwine said...

That is F-ing awesome.
I'm retelling that one to everyone

Airam said...

OMG !!!! I laughed so hard at that until I read your last line!!

Someone did that to you????

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Thanks for the public service announcement, I'll be on the lookout for $2 boob-shakers now.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Hah! That is halarious!

Ripsy said...


Ripsy said...


kittenpower said...

holy crap! that actually happened to you??!
Too funny...

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

what did you do with the $2?

The Ambiguous Blob said...

boys are so creative!

S* said...

That was supposed to be funny? Meh.

Single guy blogging said...

Hahah.. If I knew I wasn't going to get slapped, I'd totally try that! :)

DCchick said...

did you tell him that if he really wanted to touch them that bad, he could've just asked???


Grant Miller said...

Wait Wait. I don't get it.

Em and Cee said...

Too bad April Fool's Day is gone past, and girls don't tend to like fellow girls shaking their boobies. Sigh.


The Boob Lady said...

HAHAHAH! I love it!

Wanderlusting said...

Never was naive enough to fall for that one.

But I WAS naive enough to fall for the "bet you can't touch your elbows behind your back."

My high school nickname was "Captain Juggs" - you think I would have known better.

BigBottomMcGee said...

I fell for that one, too, Wanderlusting!

Winter said...


Dropout! said...
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Dropout! said...

Saturday? Weren't we together? Who did that?

The Accidental Bitch said...

eric - Hah! You WISH that had been you.

sipwine - lol only if retelling it means doing it to someone! We could do the same joke except say "balls" instead of "boobs"

airam - Of course! Someone did it, and two guys watched.

beatrix kiddo - Careful, they might also try the same joke with $5 or $10. ;)

princess extraordinaire - I attract halarious, so we shouldn't be too surprised. Just appalled.

ripsy - Jealous?

kittenpower - Of course that happened to me! I never give false reporting. I'm the most reliable news source of... me. But that's pretty impressive, too.

ace - Wallet. Actually, crumpled them up and threw them in my purse and then thought about it again when I found $2 in my wallet, got all excited, and then realized where the bills were from.

the ambiguous blob - Yeah but now I know their weakness.

s* - Yeah, I think it was supposed to be funny to THEM. To us, it's just retarded.

single guy blogging - Oh... I forgot to slap them because I was too embarrassed. But don't think you'd be so lucky!

dcchick - No, I did not, because that would have been lying.

grant miller - Um... get it now?

em and cee - You can always use passover/Easter as an excuse. "Hey, it's Easter! I always do practical jokes on Easter!"

the boob lady - I'm not surprised, since your name is "the boob lady." But I AM glad you enjoyed it.

wanderlusting - Worst part is, right after it happened I remembered having heard it before somewhere.

bigbottommcgee - That one was explained to me before it was tried on me, so I was wise.

winter - Laugh it up, you're next!

dropout - It was the Irish guys. And I didn't tell you because it wasn't exactly my best moment, plus I don't like admitting when I do something stupid.

Miss Devylish said...

Oh sweetie.. that type of joke is so old. But the upside is that you'll only fall for it once. :)