Monday, December 10

A Loudmouth moment

There's this girl in my film class (let's go with the name Loudmouth) who is so horrendously irritating that I actually cringe every time I am near her. She's one of the people who tell you the most mind numbing stories you're likely to hear in your entire lifetime. Clipping my toenails is more entertaining than listening to her speak.

She loves to point out things that are better left alone. In class today, she giggled and announced: "You're blushing!" to someone who had just shown their film and was waiting for our critique. How kind.

Last week, she started an argument with our professor in front of the entire class. Maybe it seemed like a good idea to her, but the prof certainly didn't seem to think so.

Tonight I went out to dinner with two of my friends from class (if greasy fast-food really counts as dinner). I put my hands on each of their shoulders and said: "Raise your hands if you think Loudmouth has Tourette's!"

Neither of them rose their hands.

Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid. Still, me being a bitch does not change the fact that I daydream about duct taping Loudmouth's lips together.


Evil Charity said...

I have a class with a girl like that this semester (which, thankfully is my last and almost over) and GOD DAMN is she annoying. She talks loudly, bursts into laughter at random moments, and hijacks the class with her inane questions. She's also always first to offer a completely insane and incorrect answer when the prof poses a question to the class.

Everytime I have the misfortune of sitting next to her she oogles my rings (I got rocks, y'all). One day she had been coughing up a storm and asked to see my rings (for the second time). I smiled politely, held out my hand and she GRABBED it and pulled me towards her. I immediately washed my hands. Oh, and her breath STINKS. felt good to get that all out! Kinda mean...but also very true.

Miss Devylish said...

Sometimes you just need to be irritated by someone. It's nice when you have a sense of communal agreement amongst your friends, but if they don't, I'll go in on it w/ you cuz she would annoy me too.

The Accidental Bitch said...

evil charity - I know, bitching is therapeutic.

miss devylish - Yeah. Plus, the eye-rolls I see in class whenever she starts to talk is support enough.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I hope I am never the loudmouth in class or at work or whatever. I sometimes have to tone it down because I feel like I'm hogging the spotlight.